Umehito Nekozawa

Name: 猫澤 梅人 ⋅ NEKOZAWA, Umehito
Age: 18
Occupation: Student, President of the Black Magic Club
Family: Kirimi Nekozawa (younger sister)
First Appearance: Volume 3, chapter 8 | Episode 5

Umehito Nekozawa is a third year student at Ouran High School in class 3-B and is the president of the Black Magic Club. The Nekozawa family are ancestors of the Tokarev Dynasty. This dynasty is fictional and was purely created for the series as the word "tokarev" is the name of a Russian pistol designed by Fedor Tokarev in 1930 and was used in World War II. Not else much is revealed about his parents or his family. His family does own a private beach, which was used in volume 3.

He is known for donning a black wig and dark robe. He avoids the light like the plague, which explains why he wears such dark colors and stays in unlit areas. It is not specified whether he has Photophobia (the fear of light) or not. One of the servants of the Nekozawa family, Kuretake, gave a vague explaination that Umehito was charmed with darkness since his birth.

" There is a legend that once every several hundred years, someone like Master Umehito—one charmed by darkness—is born. " - Volume 5, Chapter 21
It is said but never specified that he has a physical condition that prevents him from being exposed to sunlight. Despite his fear of light, he would protect his little sister Kirimi without his protective clothing, forgetting he would soon pass out due to the exposure of light. With the help of the host club, he was temporarily able to withstand the power of a flashlight pointed directly to his face, but he reverted back to his dark self after experiencing full sun exposure.

He speaks in an occult manner, which frightens many people, especially Tamaki. He carries around a cat puppet named Belzenef everywhere he goes. There is a wooden doll form of Belzenef which the Black Magic Club uses for curses. The few members in the Black Magic Club, which is located in Ouran's North Building Basement in innermost corridor, are his closest friends.

Tamaki had asked him to do Turkish forturne readings for the Host Club to which he happily complied to, which occured in chapter 57 of the manga. The one fortune he read was Haruhi's. Her fortune was in the shape of a heart, which meant she had a problem with love, but he was unable to tell her because Kaoru flashed a flashlight directly upon his face.

He has very few appearances in the series, but each one is almost always comedic. He has a special attachment to Tamaki, to which Kyouya assumed Umehito saw Tamaki as the ideal brother for Kirimi. He also lacks an understanding for romantic love as he confuses the host club about Reiko Kanazuki's attempts of cursing Hunny. He believed she wanted to capture Hunny's soul as revenge for capturing her own soul. They later discover that she was not cursing Hunny for revenge but rather for love. He takes any opprotunity to advertise the Black Magic Club by offering his services and by selling curse dolls.