Peculiar Persona, version two

After three years, this website has a new layout. It features both Nekozawa's "light" and "dark" appearance. If you hover over the smaller image of him, the image fades into his cloaked figure. It took me about one year to make this layout. The Photoshop process took the longest, and I also had the help of my sister Sasa of Jeido.Org. This is basically a tag-team layout as she did most of the work in applying the textures and did some color work while I cleaned the image, drew in the blanks, and added in the finishing touches.

The fading effect was found on JavaScript Gadgets 'n' Gizzmos.

Version one was very, very simple and light. It was made to fit a 800 x 600 resolution although my resolution is 1024 x 768. The layout was orignally dark, but as my time in PS progressed, it became light as white. As I stated in my description of version one, Nekozawa's true personality is quite innocent and kind. This layout was to convery the innocent side of him.

The image is of his reaction towards Kirimi's first time approaching him. He really is a loving brother, which makes his character quite endearing. This fanlisting was approved on May 8, 2006.